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Car Specs

VW Passat 1.8 20v Turbo Sport Saloon
Engine Code: AEB/ 150Bhp Light pressure turbo
4 cylinder/ 5 valves per cylinder, one coil per cylinder
Bosch ECU controlled engine mangement, adaptive program based on sensors from;
  1. engine speed
  2. cankshaft position
  3. throttle position
  4. inlet air temperature
  5. coolant temperature
  6. knock sensor
Fully independant front suspension with 4 transverse arms, 2 upper, 2 lower and a solid upright in an unequal double length wishbone configuration with coil-spring over telescopic dampers connected between the front lower transvers arm and upper arms mounting bracket. The hub carriers house wheel bearings, brake calipers, and hub/disc assemblies and are connected to the arms by balljoints. Front anti-roll bar is connected to the subframe by rubber bushes. The subframe carries all mountings for the suspension, engine and transmission.
Rear suspension is by a solid sprung rear axle, with trailing arms connecting to telescopic dampers, there is no rear anti roll-bar. The rear axle is mounted to the body via trick bushes that give rear-steer!