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Middlessex Radio Cars

Eastcote/ Northwood/ Pinner/ Ruislip

24 Hrs a Day, 365 days a year

020 8429 0099
020 8866 4080
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020 8429 3798
01895 635355

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Luxury cars
6-seater MPV
8-seater MPV

Middlesex Radio Cars(mrc) have strict standards for the quality of our drivers vehicles. All vehicles are regularly checked to ensure they comply with all current regulations, and all copies of a vehicles documentation are retained by our office to ensure that you only receive a fully insured/ taxed and MOT'd vehicle.

We have a large selection of Saloon, Hatchback, and Estate cars to transport you to your destination.
We also have a choice of Normal, Executive, and Luxury cars for your journey.
Please PHONE our office for a more detailed list of Options.

Since the Multi-Person Vehicle arrived in the UK they have become a popular choice among the personal transport trade. We are able t offer a comprehensive choice of vehicles from Ford's Galaxy and Toyota's Previa to the wonderful Chrysler Voyager to encompass your needs.
The majority of theese vehicles offer either 6 or 7 seating capacity, but we also have a VW and Mercesdes capable of taking 8-14 persons at a time. To find the best option for you please feel free to call our office and discuss your requirements.
Standard prices for these vehicles (shown on our price list) are for capacity upto 7 people. For other journeys please contact the office.

A large majority of our drivers are long term proffessional mini-cab drivers, whoose experince and knowledge are the leading components of the quality of our service. This means that we are all to aware of the stresses of travelling to and from business meetings and appointments, and picking the children up from school on time, and leaves us well placed to provide exactly the service that you need.

Part-Time/ Full Time
300-600 per week
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We are currently recruiting for evening/ night drivers.

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